What to do when carpets are soiled and moist?

Living by the beach is like living on a permanent vacation. Sunsets and waves provide a soundtrack to our lives. The beauty of our coast is sometimes ruined by sand, water and other elements. Now we know carpet cleaning is an art, and that it’s a delicate dance between the weather elements. Discuss how you can keep your carpets just as clean as the sand on the beach without adding any grit. More info?

The sand we collect from our beaches finds its way into our carpets. Not only does sand crunch on your shoes, but it grinds down carpet fibers causing premature deterioration. The beach is left at the beaches. The beach ritual includes shaking out the bag, vigorously stomping on the mat and having a foot wash station right at our doorstep. We use it as our first defence and to make the task fun. It’s a great way to get the sand moving.

Moisture–the quiet carpet killer. Moisture can sneak into carpets, causing mold and musty smells. Dehumidifiers keep indoor air dry and prevent dampness. Sea air blows away the moisture, so open windows in the most sunny hours during damp days. This helps to freshen the home.

We vacuum regularly. Sand that’s escaped our outdoor defenses is swept up with a powerful vacuum. In order to prevent leaving sand, each area must be vacuumed from multiple directions. Imagine you are on a quest to discover a sandless carpet.

Sand and moisture can penetrate the carpet fibres despite these measures. Northern beaches carpet cleaning professionals can help. Experts are consulted twice per year. The experts have all the necessary equipment and know-how to revive carpets that are soiled or wet. The carpets are revived by a spa-day.

Our sand mitigation and water reduction method has been refined to meet the needs of beach-going. The saying, “An inch of prevention is better than a pound or cure” holds true. Our carpets will last longer if we are proactive. The beach is where we make memories, but they are best cherished in a sandless, odor-free home.

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