Web hosting – Windows or Linux

In the process of selecting hosting choosing the Operating System for the server is one of the primary concerns to address. Although there are many operating systems available, for a web server, there are two most popular operating systems: Windows and Linux. Both of these operating systems are very popular and widespread. They are used by a majority of hosting providers – visit us!

Each of these platforms is good and has its share of advantages and negatives. Linux is open source, and Windows isn’t. Each one has its fair share of followers and equally significant number of dissidents.

The decision between these two platforms needs to be determined by taking into consideration your needs, not your personal feelings. Before you make any choice about web hosting it is important to consider the following points.

What was the platform your app developed? That is the initial question. If your web application/site is built using .Net or other Microsoft technology then it will mean that you will need to run a Windows-based web hosting. While some technologies can run across both platforms but sometimes, the platform used in the program will require you to select the exact web hosting platform. Database is used on many websites. If you’re using MS SQL Server then also windows server is crucial.

It is important to take this decision prior to the time an application has been completed. Otherwise, migration of websites can create a lots of hassles!

Security. A website that sells online should be completely secure. Any website that is storing sensitive data or financial data should be secure. Linux is considered as more secure over windows web hosting. Windows has many security flaws (which can be easily fixed) that security experts and hackers often exploit. There is a consensus that the security of a server depends on how good an administrator it is. A Windows server is secure with a proactive and knowledgeable administrator.

3) Cost: Linux servers are less expensive than windows servers due to the fact that Linux is free. Even though Linux is less expensive, it does not suggest that it’s lower than Windows servers. Windows however, has to be paid for. That means that there are additional expenses. Cost difference for an owner of websites for the end-user but it’s not that big. Linux does not benefit from the slight cost difference.

4.) Learning Curve: Linux operating system has an arduous learning curve. For those who work on a desktop operating system to learn Linux is a complete difficulty. If you select a Linux-based web host, you will not need to be concerned. There will be a number of web-based software that enable you to interact with your server in a seamless manner. The user will be able to complete almost every task such as FTP, database administration etc. The applications can be extremely beneficial.

Like you might have guessed There aren’t any clear winner in this ongoing battle between two fierce adversaries. This is the only reason why the platform employed by the app is an important factor. The personal preference of you will dictate the platform you choose.

Whatever hosting service you select, what matters is that you choose only a reputable trustworthy, reliable, and reputable hosting company that provides the least possibility of downtime, high speed as well as prompt customer support.