This guide will reduce the risk that ligature injuries occur in your facility

Patients may feel vulnerable and even have thoughts about harming themselves, or others go here. It can often lead to ligature risks.

A ligature is any point on which a patient may attach a rope or cord or sheet of bed, or any other material to create an attachment, that can then be used to hang a victim or strangle them.

If you can’t observe someone one-on-1, what happens in areas like bedrooms?

Create Resident rooms that are Ligature-Resistant

In behavioral healthcare facilities, the rooms of residents are not as closely supervised as common areas. For the safety of residents, it is important to create a safe environment. Every resident room should be fitted with furniture resistant to ligatures.

Furniture that is ligature resistant or anti-ligature lacks any point at which a material, such as cord or string, could be bound.

In the residents’ rooms, anti-ligature furniture is available. Included are beds, nightstands, storage shelves and other furniture. Desks can also be purchased.

As an alternative to ligature pins, you can use coat hooks, pipes and ceiling fixtures. You can also use door handles and hinges.

Conducting Environmental Risk Assessments

In order to reduce the risk of ligatures it is important that you conduct a thorough assessment outside your resident’s room. Other objects that may be weaponized or mishandled should be assessed and replaced if necessary.

To reduce the risk of ligature injuries in your facility, it is important to assess each area where patients could be.

Be sure to pay attention at the following places: ceilings and outlets, types of glass, doors and hardware, loosening nails, furniture and other items which could be used as weapons.

In order to ensure the safety and comfort of residents, all furniture should be examined carefully in both resident rooms and communal spaces.

The furniture that reduces ligatures

Installing anti-ligature furniture is one of best ways to minimize the ligature risks in your building.

Anti-ligature furnishings have several features to enhance the safety of your building. Anti-ligature furnishings have been designed to be impenetrable, durable, and long lasting. These furnishings are free of moving parts.

The staff can rest easy knowing residents are comfortable and safe with anti-ligature furnishings.

Anti-ligature furnishings will make behavioral health centers safer for staff and patients. Check the environment to see if the entire facility is equipped with all the equipment necessary to minimize the ligature hazard.

Max-Secure is a leader in anti-ligature furniture for behavioral health facilities. This furniture has been provided to these institutions since more than 40 years. We manufacture furniture that is maintenance-free, durable and long lasting.