There are some common misconceptions about Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH), Miami-based dealers

For those with less-than perfect credit discover more here, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships in Miami offer an alternative to traditional financing. There are some misconceptions that surround buy here, pay here in Miami. These can cause people to make bad decisions. Debunking these myths is essential in order to understand what BHPH dealerships offer.

The idea that Buy Here Pay Here Miami dealerships only cater to people who are unable to qualify for traditional financing is a common misconception. BHPH dealerships are not only for those with poor credit. BHPH dealerships are accessible and convenient to a broad range of customers. They serve those with imperfect credit, but they also cater to others.

Another myth is that Buy Here pay here Miami dealerships charge excessive rates of interest. It’s true that BHPH loans often have higher interest than traditional loans. However, you should also consider the context. BHPH dealerships take on a higher risk by extending credit for individuals with imperfect credit records. Interest rates reflect the increased risk. But by making timely payments, people can build their credit and qualify for future financing.

It is also a common misconception that BHPH dealer selections are limited. Many people think that these dealerships offer only older vehicles, with high mileage. In reality BHPH dealerships have a wide variety of used cars, ranging in make, model and price. The variety of used cars available at BHPH dealerships allows customers to choose a car which suits their tastes and budget.

Also, it is important to dispel that the Buy Here Pay Here Miami dealers are not trustworthy or reputable. There are unscrupulous dealers in every industry. BHPH dealerships are known to operate with integrity. They provide their customers with reliable vehicles and transparent transactions. It is important to do your research and select a reputable dealer with a proven track record.