Roof Scams – Tips on how to spot them

Your home’s roof can look a bit worse for wear when springstorms arrive. In addition to causing damage, storms also bring scammers looking for opportunities. Avoid being a victim of roofing scams if the roof on your Conyers home is damaged. Find out more?

Don’t Hire Door-to-Door Roofers

After a storm, roofing contractors who have a good reputation do not approach homeowners to ask for work. Why is this so? Why? Reputable roofing contractors know customers and their insurers will find them. If someone comes to you offering roof repairs, do not be naive. Give them your contact info and let them know you’ll be in touch if you decide to hire them. You should be wary of anyone who forces you to take a final decision right away.

Never pay for an incomplete Job

The scam artists will offer an unbelievable price. Catch? In order to receive that rate, the roofer will need you to pay in advance for any repairs. This deal is a good bet that you won’t hear anything from your roofer after you pay.

The rule of the thirds should be followed when choosing a roofing firm. Roofers are used to a pay system that involves three payments. Roofers with a good reputation will request that a small down payment be made, as well as another payment half way through, before the completion of the job. A smaller company may require homeowners to pay both the material and labor upfront.

Never Pay Cash

Remember the too-good-to be true deal you saw? The deal may not have included a requirement to pay in full. Payment in cash was required. Payment in cash is no protection if the job does not get started. If you prefer to use a card or credit check, this is the way to go. They both create paper trails that can be challenged if your roofing contractor or job goes wrong.

Avoid Making a Hasty Decision

In the aftermath of a storm, homeowners will often rush to make repairs to their roof. A hasty decision to hire a roofing contractor can lead you to pay more long-term and may even be unnecessary. Some roofing scams include individuals offering homeowners a roof replacement when the only thing they need is to patch up, replace a few tiles, or install flashing. Many homeowners were led to believe they needed a replacement roof, even when no damage was present.