Reishi Mushroom: A Magical Herb

Nature offers the most natural solutions for all problems that man faces. Many of the herbs that are grown in niches around the world have amazing therapeutic and medical properties. Reishi Mushrooms is one such herb. A great raw material to make supplements, tonics and many other products, it offers many health benefits for its users. Ganodermalucidum is the scientific name. It contains several hundred (approx. About 800 bio-molecules are found in the product that benefit human function and health. Visit our website and learn more about self soothing.

Since ancient China, the herb was used to promote the appearance, strength and functionality of the body. This spores can be used to support digestion, immunity, and many other bio-processes.

Reishi Spore Oil or Powder

Reishi mushroom powder, which is 1kg in weight, has been concentrated by drying out at least 100kgs of fruit. These spores come with a protective covering that the human body cannot break down. As soon as the covering is broken, bio-molecules become 70 times stronger. Double extraction of the liquid is followed by converting into a powder.

Reishi Spore Oil (also known as Reishi mushroom oil) is considered to be the most active material produced using mushrooms. Reishi Spore Oil can be extracted by a new CO2 critical method.

Its uses and benefits

Reishi mushroom is used by Eastern Asia’s people as medicine. Since its discovery, researchers have conducted extensive research on possible health gains and the use of its bio-molecules.

There are peptidoglycans in it, along with triterpenoids. As a regular supplement, you can use these mushrooms to keep your health in check.

Reishi can improve immunity. This is a scientifically-proven fact. The mushrooms can help people who already have a disease to overcome it or healthy individuals to stay in shape.
Benefits on the psychological level: Stress, anxiety, and depression can be caused by modern living. These problems may lead to more serious issues. Reishi products can treat many conditions, including fatigue and persistent pain. Your life can become more vibrant and peaceful with better brain functioning.
Balance blood sugar. It circulates blood sugar and cholesterol, detoxifies your body and has high antioxidant properties.
Reishi kills cancer cells. It’s still being tested to find out if this fungus can fight breast cancer or prostate cancer.