Prison Locks World Comedy of Mistakes

In the endless labyrinths of the prison, it’s as if you were on a comedic journey, except that instead of clever secret agents the actors are just bits of metal who do their best in maintaining peace. Discover the comical details behind these law enforcement vigilantes. Find out how their roles have changed from being the main actors to background players in the prison drama, more bonuses! Imagine an experienced group of criminals who plot in their prison cells using nothing but a bent piece of paper and the hope of freedom. These criminals had no clue that their automated doors would be playing tricks. With their sophisticated system of tumblers & pins these locks laugh off improvised tools for escape. A comic clash between mechanical robustness of old and inventive human creativity. A hilarious key-lock pair performs an everyday routine, in which prisoner try to escape with a “click”, and the lock giggles. In this old-fashioned scam, thieves try to outwit the metal locks.

You’ll find humor in the modern age of technology when you enter the world computerized prison locks. Imagine a jailed prisoner struggling with the key card or a swipe on a dating application, then having their lock reject them with a loud beep. Their beepings and boopings provide a daily soundtrack that injects a fresh dimension of humor within the prison. It’s the remote-management features that are the real comedy gold. Imagine a security agent sitting at their desk, with coffee in hand and calmly deterring a fleeing attempt. A high-tech low-stakes presentation always ends with an amused prisoner in a safe facility. As the biometrics circus whirls and beeps, inadvertently, the prisoner becomes a player, trying to convince he lock that they, indeed, are who they claim they are. It becomes clear as the plot progresses that biometric locks, in their opulent theatre of correctional institutions, are the real stars.