Oriental Rug Reveals: North Shore’s Guide to Gleaming Artwork!

Hey North Shore Rug enthusiasts! Have you ever pondered the history of your oriental rug? The soft threads, vibrant colors and intricate patterns are more than just decoration; they’re an art piece and a part of history homepage. Googled “carpet Cleaning Killara”, I found out a lot of information about how to care for rugs that was just too good not share. Grab your favorite rug and we’ll unravel the secrets of specialized cleaning together.

1. Vacuuming with Care
Vacuuming frequently is important, but always use the gentle setting. Over-suctioning can damage the delicate fibers of a rug. And oh, too! Avoid the beater bars; they are the enemy of oriental rugs.

2. Flip and beat:
This is an age-old method, do you remember your grandmother doing it? Every two months, you can beat your rug with a broom or rug beater. You get to do both a work out and a clean up in one.

3. Spot Cleaning SOS
Spills do happen! Blot the spill (don’t rub!) Use a dry, clean cloth to quickly wipe (don’t rub!) A mild detergent solution will help with tougher stains. Try a small spot that is not visible first. It’s best to keep some stories a secret.

4. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate:
Rotate the rug every 6 months to maintain even wear and fade, especially if it’s under furniture, or is exposed to direct sun.

5. Professional Tender Love Care:
Like you, your rug also needs a spa day. You should have it cleaned every two years, or more often depending on the amount of foot traffic. This is especially important if your rug is antique.

6. Pads Are Your Rug’s Best Friend:
It will help to extend the life of your carpet by using a pad beneath it. It cushions, reduces wrinkles, slippages, prevents the rough underside of your rug from rubbing on the floor, and protects it against stains.

7. Avoid using home shampoos:
Even though it sounds appealing, steaming or shampooing at home can cause the color to run or fade. This scene is straight out of an old rug horror movie.

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