Norton Internet Security Protection – The Leader in PC Protection

These days, people are more dependent on computers than ever before. Most people have a computer at their workplace, and at least one at home. A growing number of families now have computers that are personal, meaning that each member of the family has their computer. Norton Internet Security helps users protect themselves against internet security threats. Read more now on usergorilla

As computers become more ubiquitous in homes and businesses, criminals, thieves and con men have improved their ability to find ways around internet safety protocols. They can then invade your computer and gain access to your files and personal data. There is an entire computer industry dedicated to internet security software that helps computer users keep ahead of bad guys.

Norton Internet Security software is long regarded as the best for internet security protection. Norton has been around for more than 20 years. They offer some of the most advanced and high-quality software packages that can help users maintain their computers in top condition.

Norton stayed on top of internet security trends as the internet grew, and the company created their own security package. Norton is a trusted name in software publishing and is a recognized leader in internet security protection.

Norton’s internet safety software is most popular. It retails at $60, and can protect up to three computers per household. This package contains both anti-virus functions and spyware detection. These are the two most essential functions in any internet security system.

This Norton internet safety package included a 2-way firewall. It was also reasonably priced. This firewall software can enhance and boost any other firewall software on your system. It is also important as it can detect and block any unauthorized access to your computer via potentially dangerous websites.

Norton security packages also include an anti-spam module and parental controls. This allows parents to restrict access to specific websites so that children do not access inappropriate content or material online. This feature can be used to secure specific files and folders on your computer, so they don’t get accidentally deleted or modified by curious children.

Like most other internet security programs on the market, Norton Internet Security is continually being improved, updated and upgraded to meet new threats to the internet and improve performance. Norton’s internet safety software will enable you to monitor your email and instant messaging. This will ensure that viruses are not introduced to your computer’s system via these functions. It also provides an additional level of security.