My Personal Experience as an ‘Outsourcer of Math Homework’

What if I paid someone to do all my math homework instead of me? As I was reading my math book, the question kept recurring in my head. The complex equations, esoteric terms and concepts that math uses made it seem foreign to me. The experience I had as a Math Homework Outsourcer surprised me, and deepened the love of mathematics – click here!

Remember being in a maze? I felt the same way when doing my math homework. It was hopeless. Out of despair, I handed over my work to a third party. This was not my intention, but deadlines were looming and I was confused. The temporary solution turned into something more serious.

My first professional assignments opened my eyes. The roadmap was exactly what I needed. The explanations and step-bystep solutions made perfect sense. Like a translation for a new language. The algebraic and calculus hieroglyphs slowly became sentences.

What a change in perspective I’ve had. In the beginning, Math was something to avoid at night. As if turning on the lights, outsourcing homework felt like a good idea. It became less frightening. The mound looked frightful in the darkness. What I did not know was the “why” behind what I had done. How does the quadratic function work? Why use letters in algebra? Math puzzles are more fun than numbers.

The trip was a combination of math lessons and teaching students how to study. The outsourced assignments taught me something new. Copying the professional’s approach was my first step. As I asked why they used certain techniques to solve problems, I became more curious. The feeling was like being told to catch fish, instead of learning how. The strategies I developed and my knowledge increased.

There were also obstacles, just like on any trip. Il was crucial to not become too dependent on aid. The support can make it easy for you to lose your confidence in yourself. The goal was to learn, not do homework. I kept reminding myself of this. Balance was required, just like when learning to ride without training wheel.