Mushrooms and How to Grow Them

Few people know that growing mushrooms is easy. They prefer to buy them in supermarkets, which import mushroom varieties from other countries. Mushrooms don’t like plastic packaging and have short shelf lives. If you grow them yourself, they are more likely to last longer and taste better. Click this link buy shrooms online.

You are not limited by the mushroom varieties available in stores, such as button mushrooms, Shiitakes, Oysters and Portobellos. You may want to experiment with a mushroom that is not available in most stores. Although the Lions Mane is more difficult to cultivate, its taste is quite similar to that found in lobster. This mushroom can also be very costly to purchase at specialist stores.

First, you need to select a type of mushroom. The oyster mushroom is the most common edible mushroom that you can grow either indoors or outdoors.

After you decide on the type of mushroom you want to grow, you need to research its specific requirements. Every fungus will have different parameters for growing. The Oyster can be grown on either wood substrates (like paper or cardboard) or straw. They are also the substrates that produce the highest yields.