Moldavite is a rare and elusive mineral

Moldavite’s scarcity is part of its uniqueness. Moldavite is a very rare gemstone. But what makes it so special – recommended site? Inner Vision Crystals, where you can buy the moldavite.

Firstly, moldavite only occurs in the Czech Republic. This particular moldavite is found in the Bohemian Massif in southern part of the nation. It is therefore difficult and time-consuming to obtain moldavite due to its limited availability.

The scarcity of moldavite can be attributed to other factors. The glass is tektite. It forms when meteorites collide with Earth. When the heat and pressure from the impact fuse the minerals and rock surrounding the meteorite, the tektites result.

While tektites may be found around the globe, only one moldavite can be directly associated with a Czech meteorite. The uniqueness and rarity are increased.

It isn’t over. Moldavite, too, is delicate and fragile. The intense heat, pressure and friction it endures when it’s being developed causes it to have a rough texture that can easily be scratched. Due to this, it is even more difficult for you to find high-quality moldavite without imperfections.

Imitations and counterfeits come last. A lot of vendors have been selling fake moldavite stones due to its recent rise in popularity. Inner Vision Crystals employs a process to verify that each stone is real.

You’re all set. Moldavite’s rarity is attributed to many factors. These include its geographic restriction, delicate surface and the abundance of imitations. Inner Vision Crystals offers the original and are committed to spreading the power and beauty of the stone.