Moldavite Dispel Negativity

Moldavite is thought to be capable of taking in negative energy and feelings. It should therefore be regularly cleaned and recharged. This belief is the reason. It can be done by simply exposing it for the entire night to the sun/moonlight, or by using additional methods like palo santo and smudging with rosemary. It can also be left outside, or exposed to the elements – more info.

For best results, stone moldavite should be used with care. It is best to decide what you desire to achieve with the help of a stone before you use it. You could simply want to speed up one’s recovery or you could have a deeper desire to attain spiritual insight. There are many possible motivations. You will find it easier to concentrate the stone’s energy and make it work more effectively if you have a clear goal.

Last but not the least, you should remember that not all people who make use of moldavite are guaranteed to have a pleasant experience. Some people may experience anxiety and/or other negative emotions, while others won’t feel any. It is essential to pay attention and trust in your psychic abilities when dealing with moldavite.

Moldavite is a rare gemstone with great spiritual and curative qualities. Moldavite can bring tremendous amounts of energy and growth to your life, if you use it with care. Moldavite should be cleaned and recharged on a daily basis. It is important to pay attention to your body and to follow your gut instincts.