Learn how to safely remove pet waste and carpets using natural methods

Were we not happy to see our children smile? Do we clean up an accidental spillage? What I’m talking about is when your puppy learns to go potty and you have an old cat that doesn’t have any poop. How do I eliminate the smell of urine from my pet? next page.

As soon as you notice pet odors, it’s best to eliminate them.

White Vinegar

If you discover a spot of urine on your carpet that is wet, then use white vinegar. Because of its acidity, white vinegar neutralizes the smell and can still be used after the stain has been present for quite some time. Rubing the urine stain will only spread it further into carpet fibers. It’s better to just blot. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and cold water, then pour the solution generously over the stain. Allow the area to dry completely after wiping. A fan can be used to speed up the process. Use a vacuum to clean the dried area.

Baking Soda

Pour clean up a dried-up spot of urine, sprinkle a large amount of baking soda over the affected area. Let it rest for approximately two hours.

Club Soda

You can get rid of pet stains on carpets by treating them with club soda. It may be necessary to perform this procedure several times as club soda only works if the bubbles are still visible. The club soda should be poured over the area after you have blotted it. If it does not fizz, you should blot again immediately. The baking soda works well if you don’t think the stain is fresh.

Bleach can be used diluted to treat caked stains in carpets that are light colored. Just mix together 10 parts bleach to 1 part of water. Spray on the stain. After spraying the solution, allow it to set up for at least 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Continue this process until no stains are visible.

Test the solution on a hidden area to see if it will cause stains. Rinse the mixture after it has stayed for around a minute. You can use this mixture to treat another carpet area if there are no discolorations.

You should be aware that, even though the formula is “natural”, some of its ingredients could still react together if they are left out. Do not forget to remove any remaining residue. You can call professionals for your safety.