How to Choose an Bathtub Reglazing Company

To find the perfect company, you must know which questions to ask. In the end, your tub needs to look brand new, sparkling and clean. You will also want to enjoy the purchase. To this end, you must know which questions to pose. Nobody wants to pay money for something only to discover later they wasted their hard-earned dollar – helpful hints!

Some people consider the price the only important factor. They will therefore make their choice solely according to the price. This is because they think that it doesn’t matter if the tub looks great or not. The final result depends on both the product and reglazer. How can price only matter?

Ask these important questions. What are the types of paints you use? How many paint coats will you be applying? How much time does it usually take to resurface? How soon can I start using my bathtub? Exists a manufacturer’s warranty? Do you have a warranty, and how long is it valid for? Before or after, is there something I should do? How do you keep the sprayed water from spraying anywhere else but in your tub? Does your blower help to eliminate the scent and dust? Does it have a special care and cleaning procedure? It costs how much?

Another question to think about is: How many years have you worked in the reglazing industry? You have a webpage? You have some before-and-after images? References? The methods of payment are: This list is endless.

In Dr. Tubs, Reglazing we take pride in our craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We are always happy to answer questions about the reglazing process and what it involves. In order to ensure that our customers are fully aware of what they’re investing in we have included information about reglazing both on our blog and site. After your tub has been finished, you will get a simple care guide with some basic maintenance instructions.