How Do You Store Your Stuff In A Mini Storage?

You should consider a few factors before you store your belongings in a unit of self-storage. It is likely that you are familiar with the concept of self-storage. This allows your items to be stored away from your home or apartment. Other things can be done, but three of them are vital.

1. Don’t forget to check everything you have before placing it in the Mini Storage Unit

Before you put anything in your mini storage, it is important that you take photos of its contents. You can either take pictures or create a check list for all of the things you’ll be putting in your unit. You may think it silly to photograph the contents of your storage unit, but this will allow you to avoid having doubts about whether or not what you have put there still exists, read here.

Place smaller items inside clear plastic containers.

The answer depends on what you intend to store. Items that are bigger do not need to be repackaged. It is better to use transparent plastic containers to store small items. Keep everything organized and you’ll be glad to have the ability to look inside.

Elevate Furniture At least 100cm Off The Floor

If the unit has a flood-resistant rating, you should consider that. In the case of the second option, you’ll want to elevate your items 100 centimeters off the ground. Even though this is not always an option, depending on which mini-storage provider you are working with, you can use concrete blocks as a base before you place your valuables inside the unit. Assuring your valuables are more secure is possible by using cinderblocks and similar items to create a floor foundation.

By following these simple steps, you will have a better chance of getting all your possessions securely and safely stored at the chosen storage facility. No insurer, even if it is an excellent idea to insure your belongings, will accept any claim that does not have concrete proof. You should make sure that all items are accurately listed in the unit.