How Do Combi Ovens Function?

A combi oven, often referred to as an oven that is combined, is a versatile and useful kitchen appliance that can carry out various cooking tasks like baking, steaming, roasting, and grilling. Since they combine the best our site attributes of both steam ovens and convection oven, these types of ovens can cook food with dry heat and moist heat. They’re a fantastic option for home cooks and chefs who are looking for the ease of producing a range of food items within a single appliance.

The principle mechanism in a combi oven is circulation of hot air over the food that cooks it quickly and evenly using a mix of heating elements and fans. Convection cooking works the same as conventional ovens. But combi ovens also contain an inbuilt steam generator that can generate steam whenever needed and allow them to cook food using warm, moist heat. Cooking delicate or soft items like fish, vegetables and fruits using this technique is called steaming.

Since combo ovens are able to cook food rapidly and effectively they are commonly used in commercial kitchens including those in hotels and restaurants. In order to keep food warm and ready to serve, they may also be used to ensure the temperature of meals at a certain level. Since they can cook with both dry and moist heat, chefs are able to create an array of meals from roasting meats to steamed veggies in one oven.

Home cooks can enjoy many of the same benefits with combi ovens. They are able to prepare various meals, including baked goods and roasted meats, and also for cooking food quickly and evenly. A healthier alternative to frying, they could also be employed to steam vegetables as well as seafood.