Event Rentals & LA’s Evolving Event Aesthetics

Los Angeles Party Rentals immediately brings to mind LA’s ever-changing event scene. As the city’s heartbeat changes, so do the party trends. Opus Event Rentals remains the standard in this constant whirlwind. Additional info!

Opus may have been the mastermind behind the grandiose setting of a Hollywood party. Take a trip through the transformational trends Opus has embraced, to make sure they stay ahead of the curve.

Opus’ Green Scene: Opus has set an example in a society that is increasingly aware of its environmental impact. Bamboo chairs and recycled glass centerpieces are not only stylish but they also reflect a worldwide cause. Opus will help you celebrate Mother Earth by hosting your party.

Minimalism and Mixing: Excessive excess is a thing of the past. Trends now lean towards minimalism, minimalist lines and neutral tones. Whether it’s Scandinavian-inspired wooden tables or sleek monochrome seating, Opus has been pivotal in introducing and elevating this understated aesthetic.

Tech & Tapestries : LED-infused furniture and QR-coded table settings are the future. Opus merges this digital transformation seamlessly with traditional event elements, making your party both futuristic as well as familiar.

Vintage nuances are back! Opus’s Gatsby style golden candelabras are a great way to bring the past back into your event.

Imagine the fun of a playful pop-up: a carousel, a tiny tattoo parlor. Opus transforms wild ideas into reality with their vast inventory and creative team. Every event becomes as unique as the person hosting it.