ESNC Perfumery’s Unisex Triumph: Niche 04 by ESNC Perfumery

Do you remember that moment when you discovered a perfume which transcended gender boundaries and was enjoyed by both men as well as women? Niche 04 from ESNC Perfumery evoked exactly that feeling in me. It was initially the inspiration, Creed Silver Mountain Water (an iconic men’s fragrance) that caught my attention. However, it became obvious very quickly that this was not just a replica. It is a tribute, an interpretation unique, and dare I suggest, a reinvention in its right wikipedia reference.

Imagine: a crisp, clear day with a snow-covered peak. The sun glistens from the snowy expanses. The air is crisp, invigorating and fresh. It’s a sign of spring. You’ve got Niche 04! It captures the allure and calm of a mountain resort. This scent is equally rugged and delicate. It doesn’t discriminate based on gender. This scent appeals to adventurers of all genders.

Niche 04 has a blend of earthy notes, aquatic notes and a slight metallic tang, reminiscent of fresh alpine streams. If you have ever loved Creed Silver Mountain Water then you will appreciate this tribute from ESNC Perfumery. Niche 04, even if it’s not the original, is still a powerful fragrance.

The adaptability of this fragrance is something I really love. For a rugged outdoorsman it evokes adventure and the call of the wild. For a woman it has an alluring, refreshing mystique. For everyone else? It’s an odorous badge of freedom, individuality, self-confidence and pride.

It is encouraging to see perfumers like ESNC embrace the unisex concept. Why should scents have to be confined by gender? Fragrance is able to bring back memories, emotions, and entire scenes. Niche 04 proves some experiences can be universal.