Dry Carpet Cleaners Have Many Advantages

Do you remember the time it took your carpet to completely dry, before you could resume your routines? If you have ever had the misfortune of having your carpet take too long to dry, it can be difficult for you to resume normal activities. How can you proceed if the process is not working – go here?

To avoid the hassle of mold issues, mildew or wicking in carpets, dry carpet cleaning can help. This process includes a pre-treatment and thorough vacuuming. An accelerator is applied to the carpet before it’s cleaned with a machine.


Majority of manufacturers and suppliers of padding, carpets, and other products recommend using this technique to fix most problems. Even though a household vacuum and carpet cleaner can’t reach your carpets, they will still collect bacteria. It is suggested that carpet cleaning be performed at least annually, as even carpets “appearing” clean may contain particulates which can pollute the surrounding air. The dry-cleaning method is non-polluting, safe for both pets and kids, and does not require the disposal of waste water.

It is not possible to shrink, delaminate, or decay the backing of a carpet. After the micro sponges do their work and depending on the size carpet, you can return to normal traffic. This will make your home not only cleaner but better smelling.

Dry Carpet Cleaning System

First, experts will need to use professional equipment. These machines are designed to lift carpet pile and remove allergens including mold, dust mites, and loose soil.

A pre-treatment using low humidity will remove all stains. If any stains remain, they can be emulsified in a citrus-based liquid to seal them. You can then apply organic micro sponges to your carpet using soft counter rotating brushes. Like sponges used in the cooking, these micro-sponges perform two functions: they dissolve stains as well as trap soils or odors. When the desired result is achieved, vacuuming can then be done with this same tool.

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