Dirty Carpets and Health and Home

Maintaining carpets properly can help improve indoor air clicking here. Because carpets do much more. You should be aware that carpets are the most important air filters for contaminants and allergens.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Michael B. Berry, Ph.D. was director at the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office. Berry writes, in Protecting the Built Environment: Carpet Cleaning for Health that dirty carpets pose the greatest problem to indoor cleaning. Only care and maintenance can fix the problem. According to this speaker, the carpet acts like a sink, collecting contamination inside as well as outside. It gathers soil, dirt and contaminants. It is important to empty the sink when it becomes full. It is more important to clean carpets.

Air inside can become polluted. Well, it’s true. It’s true. It is rare that the air in a room will be replaced. Air from the exterior is removed by fans and replaced with more fresh air. You can accumulate pollutants in your house by using carpets. They can fall on the carpet as you walk. The particles are inhaled by everyone as they tread on the floor. Even when the dust is moving in the sunlight or streams, it can be seen. Inhaling the indoor air can cause pollution.

Berry explains that if you don’t clean your carpets properly, bacteria can grow. Be sure to regularly clean the sinks, and all carpets. They’re often washed because they look dirty. Your carpet will not be dirty until dirt is visible. The benefits of vacuuming are numerous. Even the most expensive vacuums can only collect 15% of soil. All the dirt including allergens, bacteria and other contaminants will collect. Berry is of the opinion that carpets are cleaned infrequently by most to maintain fresh air.

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