Crystals and Working

Crystal therapy, crystal therapies and elixirs work by rebalancing the flow energy – more hints.

Every cell has an electrical potential. There is water flowing through every cell. Blood plasma is made up of more than 90% water. This plasma contains all we need to survive; it is distributed throughout our bodies through rivers and streams of water.

Water is a pole molecule. This means that water will react to an electrical charge. Crystals have an inherent electrical effect. By placing crystals on the bodies of people in grids, drinking, holding or wearing crystal water, we can balance the electrical charges in our bodies.

One of the electric effects crystals have is called a PIEZOELECTRIC. This is due to pressure. The second is a PYROELECTRIC which is caused when there is a change of temperature, heat. Quartz crystal also exhibits a solid state electric field that can be applied to a wide area of approximately 2-3 feet. The electrical properties of quartz crystals are not affected by their size. However, you may notice more energy in larger crystals. Crystals have an atomic structure that allows them to hold a constant vibration/frequency, making them a powerful tool to help us get rid of congested energies.

Water will respond to the living conditions it has. Bad conditions can lead to low water quality. Dr MasaruEmoto’s research on frozen water crystals has shown that water responds differently to music, thoughts, and speech.

A crystal is generally a solid mass made up of minerals. Minerals can fall from the skies, giving us bits of Meteorites, and/or when they hit Earth, the heat generated by the ‘landing can cause minerals fuse together. Moldavite, which is a type of crystal, was formed approximately 14.8 million year ago from a large meteorite that crashed to Earth. There are a variety of scientific theories as to whether Moldavite is an outcome of the crash landing itself or the meteorite.