Carpets: from Stone Age to Contemporary Homes

Northern Beaches has seen carpets continue to attract and captivate people in many homes. Yet, have you considered how far carpets have come in history? The carpet cleaning company in Northern Beaches is going to take you on a fascinating journey through the history of carpets. More about the author!

In the thousands of year since carpets were invented, they have been used in houses all around the world. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians invented carpet weaving. They developed complex methods for producing floor coverings embellished with patterns. As civilisations progressed, carpets began to be used in the decoration of palaces.

Middle Eastern and Asian Carpet Weaving developed and spread in the Middle Ages. This created distinctive designs and patternings for each area. Persians gained fame for producing carpets that still are considered works of fine art. They were a testament to the skill of their weavers, with intricate floral patterns, geometrical designs and vibrant colours.

Rugs gained popularity in Europe and, more specifically, among European aristocrats during the Renaissance. This extravagant carpet revealed the social status and wealth of its owners. Industrial revolution, however, was a pivotal moment in the history carpet making, as it enabled the switch from labor-intensive manual techniques to automated ones, increasing middle-class accessibility to carpets.

In today’s interior design, carpets add comfort, warmth and flair. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches, a company in Sydney that specializes in carpet cleaning services, is well aware of both the aesthetics and practical advantages carpets bring to any home. Modern technology allows carpets to come in many different options, to match every style and lifestyle.

The carpets available are designed to match any decor, and to withstand everyday use. They range from luxurious wools to synthetic fibers that are tough. Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches has a specialization in carpets that preserves their appearance and durability. They use cutting-edge technology and skilled methods to achieve a deep, thorough cleaning.

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