Buy here Pay here Dealer marketing – sell your dealership not the car

Advertising a car is easy, just show the picture and list all the details, including the cost, mileage, and features. There are many dealerships with vehicles that look just like yours. How can you make yourself stand out from others? What makes you different and unique is what you sell to the dealership! You should reinforce the same principle at all points of contact, from your advertisement to your initial telephone call to your salesman in the dealership. More about the author?

You should sit down to make a list that includes all of the things you love about your dealership and what makes you stand out from others. This was my first task when I began working at a dealership. It was called “the bullet-list” by my colleagues. Everyone in the dealership was familiar with the bullet list. Bullet list appeared in ALL advertising, including print ads, websites, business cards and rack cards. This bullet list was reinforced verbally with salesmen and over the telephone.

When creating your bulleted list, consider the following:

Are you reporting to credit bureaus?

Are you offering a free warranty?

Have you got a good BBB rating?

Are there any benefits for your customers?

Only liability insurance?

Your vehicles are certified

Are you able to make low-down payments?

Offer you a shuttle or loaner car service to your customers?