Auto lots available for purchase here and pay here

You are considering purchasing a new car, but you don’t have the best credit. My friend, don’t be alarmed! “Buy Here Pay Here” (BHPH), car lots still offer hope! So where are these elusive BHPH-auto lots? However, the buy here-pay here system will reveal all – article source.

BHPH vehicle lots are available all across the country from coast-to-coast and north to south. You can also find them in the middle of urban areas, as well in small towns and rural locales. Because they are frequently located at busy intersections or streets, it is easy to miss them. You might see them using large billboards, eye-catching signage or banners to grab your attention and convince that they can solve your car-buying problems.

Although most of these lot are independent dealerships you will find a few large chains with many locations across the country. They can be found in areas where there is a high number of people with poor credit or who require assistance to get approved for conventional car loans. They may also be found near high crime areas, low income neighborhoods, and areas that lack adequate public transportation.

But, it is possible to find a BHPH property anywhere. You may find one in an affluent neighborhood or at a commercial site. Do not let the friendly staff in their showroom mislead you. Despite all of its bright cars and clean flooring, it is still a BHPH lot.

There you have it, everyone. Nearly everywhere you go in the country, there are BHPH car lots ready to help you purchase your dream vehicle. Remember that although buying a car through a BHPH lot might be an alternative to credit for people with bad credit scores, it’s important to know the risks and drawbacks. Always do your research before making major purchases. Compare shops.