Are ‘Shrooms Grown in the Wild?

You might be enjoying your mushrooms but have you ever thought about where they came from?

First, mushrooms are true to their name. They grow high above ground. However, mushrooms don’t require water or sunlight like other plants. You don’t have to think that mushrooms will grow if you use mushroom seeds. See Soulcybin for get more info.

While many mushrooms are adored by many, they also belong to the same category as fungi that cause severe skin irritations. The ones that you eat don’t affect your health unless you have an allergy. Let’s just get to the point: mushrooms are fungi. Yes they are. However, they’re very different to the ones you find in the toilet. These are just part of the edible varieties. The reproductive portion of the mushroom is what the people have been eating, be it morsel (shitake), oyster or morsel). This may be why mushrooms were once considered to be an aphrodisiac. Knowing where to find mushrooms is crucial now that you know the basics.

Mushrooms are not like many things around the world. While it might seem like this, in reality the opposite is true. There are some things mushrooms need to survive in their environment. If you want to grow mushrooms you will need to replicate these characteristics in order to produce better-looking, better-tasting mushrooms. A technique is also necessary if you wish to grow mushrooms for a livelihood or as a hobby.

Where do mushrooms grow?

Think damp, rotten logs. These are areas that will support wild mushroom growth. A dark area with sufficient moisture is the best environment for mushrooms. It might seem strange to you that mushrooms are dependent on carbohydrates found in decaying wood and grass. Here is their food source.


It can be found in the mycelium. You can think of it as the root for the mushrooms. Mycelium attaches to substrate (in this case the rotting timber). More mushrooms will be able to taste the wood if they have a better adhesion of the hyphae (or the thread-like component). Important for transporting nutrients to the mushrooms, the mycelium too is important. This is the sign of the correct combination. When the “pins”, these will be our mushrooms.