Ancillary Markets And Car Detailer – You Can Detail Anything

I went to a festival last night, and as I walked to my car go here, I saw that someone had left a card advertising their business on all the motorcycles parked. I found a few business cards that had fallen to the ground. It was a motorcycle detailing. That’s very interesting. You see I was involved in auto detailing for many years. We also took care of boats and airplanes. I remember that one of our franchisees also had a truck detailing firm as a side hustle. There are many things you can detail, so if your goal is to be in the auto detailing field, don’t limit yourself. Let’s talk.

There are many ancillary market opportunities for car detailers. If you begin detailing boats, you might also be interested in fiberglass repair and teak reconditioning. You might be asked to maintain the hangar’s janitorial services, clean the ground equipment and even rejuvenate the deice boots, if you are an aircraft detailer. If you’re in motorcycle detailing like this company, you might also be asked for help cleaning trucks and flatbed caravans that transport motorcycles to various shows.

If they later ask you to come out to their Marina to clean their yacht you should answer “Yes.” When the individual next door asks you to clean their boat, your SUV, and then go to their home to detail the rest, you should say yes. Do not be surprised if they have an expensive Harley in their garage. Can you see what I mean? It is amazing to see what details you will be asked. For example, you may be invited to someone’s home to inspect their golf cart. Even though they don’t plan to wash it or wax it, they know that it has to be done. That’s why you are there with the right tools, knowledge, equipment and the right products. Why not? Yes, I do hope that you will consider all of this when marketing a detailing firm.

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