Aluminum Flagpoles – Benefits

Aluminum flagpoles have been very popular for their lightweight, robust, flexible, and affordability. These flagpoles are great for residential and commercial use. You can order them in a range of sizes, including up to eighty feet. An aluminum flagpole is weather-resistant and will not rust. Aluminum flagpoles are available in both one-piece and Telescoping versions. You have the option of choosing link from black, natural, or dark bronze colors. Your company should choose the right color to complement your home. For poles that become dirty, mild detergent should be used.

Aluminum flagpoles are available in two configurations: an external or an internal system with halyards.

External systems include the rope or any other rigging located outside the pole. This is a well-established system that is easy to vandalize and sometimes noisy when the wind blows.

The equipment is protected and quieted inside thanks to internal systems. Only a hatch near the base can access the halyard. This option is more expensive.

To ensure that aluminum flagpoles remain in place, they must be securely rooted into concrete foundations and protected with a groundsleeve. Your flag should not exceed forty percent of the pole’s height.

When you purchase a telescoping flagpole, ensure that the aluminum sections are locked together. This will provide stability even in strong winds.